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InsectInside A Woman Suffering From A Tragic Loss Fills Her Lonely Days With Work Before Clair Opens The Door Of Her Life To A Sinister Stranger, He Has Already Snared Her In His Trap Adam Steadily Destroys Her Her Mind And Addicts Her To A Mixture Of Drugs He And His Brothers Are Out To Destroy Our World All Seems Lost Until Clair S Estranged Daughter Diana Visits Diana Becomes Adam S Nemesis And Is Ready To Fight To The Death To Stop Him And His Kind I M Nothing Like You Declared Diana Yes, You Are Said Adam You Thirst For The Taste Of Blood Soon, You Will Sample All Of Life A Piece Of Every Living Thing In The Universe Will Dwell Inside You Then You, Too, Will Be God How Dare You Talk About God When You Have No Soul If You Enjoy Sci Fi, Horror, Alien Invasion, Vampire Stories And Strong Female Characters Start Reading For Adults Only, This Novel Contains Graphic Sexual DepictionsAbout The Author On The Surface, This Is A Story About Monsters And Horrors At Its Core, It S A Story About Relationships An Interplay Of Complex Characters That Questions That Thing Called Love The Reader S View Of Each Character S Way Of Showing And Receiving Love Will Transform As Their Deeper Motivations Are RevealedI Was Inspired To Write This Story After Reading Bram Stoker S Dracula Having Watched The Film Version Starring Bela Lugosi Countless Times Since Childhood, I Was Taken Aback By The Dark Tone Of The Book In This Early Film Depiction Of Dracula, The Love Interest Recovers From Dracula S Bite After A Wooden Stake Is Driven Through The Vampire S Heart In The Original Novel, This Lovely, Young Woman Dies Stoker Describes A Plague Of Death Sweeping Across Europe As Vampires Prey Upon The InnocentWritten In , The Sensibilities Of The Times Demanded A Strict Moral Code In Stoker S Novel The Subject Of Sex Is Made Conspicuous By Its Absence Even Though The Soulless Vampires Have Full Control Over Their Victims Both Male And Female, The Inhuman Fiends In The Form Of Vampires Never Cross The Sexual LineIn This Novel, I Relate The Tale In Modern Terms I Chose A Different Presentation Of The Inhuman Creatures Although There Are No Vampires, There Is A Great Deal Of Biting And Blood The Evil Creatures Are Parasites, Keeping Their Human Hosts Alive Until They Have Fulfilled Their Purpose

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    Loved this book I can t wait to read it again when I get a chance

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    This book pulls you in I didn t go to sleep until I had finished it.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads review, for which I am very grateful In exchange, I offer this honest review.I actually finished this book early last week I ve been delaying writing a review, because honestly, I ve been sorting out how I felt about it after finishing Ever since learning to read, I ve always read above my grade level Now, almost sixty years later, I feel like this novel is above my grade level This is a science fiction book you sho

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    I tried to finish this book, but it is on my DNF list I had no idea what I expected, probably a littlepulp sci fi or something, but there were several uncomfortable moments at the start It is for adults only, and as a reader of romance and erotica, this dives right past into well consensual sex right off the bat The insect person and humans were a bit much for me to deal it was not really sci fi but something much darker.

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    DNF which is a rarity for me I won this book for my first time every Goodreads win, but could not connect with the writing or the story line Graphic descriptions of sexual encounters and an overall odd storyline that I just couldn t connect with I do enjoy some horror but this was just not for me.

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    I couldn t even make this to the halfway point If you re into things like forced sex on humans by insects, this might be the book for you.

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    This one was a freebie through goodreads but I had to unfortunately add it to my DNF list Something about the way it was written just wasn t for me.

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    This is generally not my genre but wanted to give this book a chance since the synopsis sounded intriguing I tried but just could not get into it to the point I couldn t finish My guess is there are others out there who will enjoy it a lotthan I did.

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    This has a lot going on and has left me confused I wasn t comfortable reading the graphic sexual scenes, the book as a whole is dark and disturbing dealing with insects and humans I won this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    such a disturbing book It wasn t my type of book.

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